August 26, 2010

unique boutique NWA, this saturday springdale, arkansas

So I have been building up all sorts of suspense about my upcoming "show". Well, it is this Saturday in Springdale, Ar. It is called "Unique Boutique NWA".

Now, first let me say that I am thrilled to be a part of this show. It is not an arts and crafts show, per-se, but I think that a lot of my plush and art (and onesies) will fit the bill for the targeted demographic.

This is the first year for this show, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of turn out. I might have entirely too much product. If so, get ready for a HUGE Gingiber Etsy sale next week, because mama's gotta move some merchandise!

I am entirely out of my comfort zone, which is a great thing if I want to grow. And, my dearest friend, Jenna (of Mind Your Music fame) is coming up to help me run my booth. How incredible is she? How many people would volunteer 2 days of their time to help with a little show? That, friends, is why Jenna is the coolest.

Do you follow her flickr stream? You should. Jenna just got accepted to a fancy schmancy school overseas to study photography. And, you can say that you saw her work here first!

So, everyone, if you are from Arkansas (or Missouri) and feel like taking a little drive to Springdale, I would love to meet you!

This Saturday at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Springdale Arkansas from 9AM- 6PM.

Be there or be square!