August 20, 2010

mind your music: lollapalooza 2010

This week, i just wanted to share some photos with you. i finally summoned up the courage to smuggle my D90 past security on the the third day thanks to a false bottom i made in my bag. i don't generally take photos of the artists themselves, but there's so much else to see ...

Empty Room - Arcade Fire

I'm posting more "artsy" photos of my dual trip to Chicago and Baltimore on my Flickr.

I'll give you a rundown of some the music as well:
The Black Keys were just plain sexy
Lady GaGa was disturbing
Gogol Bordello was fantastically danceable
Stars made me feel in love
Wolfmother made me feel hardcore
And Arcade Fire made me overwhelmed with the glory of what it means to be alive, for all of us.

It was simply wonderful.

- Jenna