August 4, 2010

mind your music: the black keys

It's finally here! i am ditching my sad little office job and road tripping 8 whole hours to the gorgeous city of Chicago .... and going see a few bands of course! And one of the best is definitely going to be The Black Keys 

Tighten Up

Who Are They: The band is made up of two skinny white guys that somehow manage to raise up Son House and Leadbelly from the grave (or at least give a 21st century reincarnation). The Ohio natives give the blues rock infusion a tangible oh-so-fabulous bite that is soulful and catchy.


Favorite Songs: A lot of their albums were recorded in basements and the raw quality definitely makes every song that much better. i love the new album (Brothers) for its' perfection; i love the old albums for the pure grit.

Howlin' For You

Beard II  
Great Men Who Take Photos: Thomas Vanderzaag and Tony Katai i'm sure to share photos from Lollapalooza when i get back. It's a great way to end the summer. - Jenna