August 6, 2010

lifestylebazaar: wishlist

Recently I was on the LivingEtc website when I noticed a little news blurb about a store called LifestyleBazaar. The name was quite intriguing, so I immediately began browsing their selection of unique housewares.

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Desk Tidy by Black + Blume

2. Mr. Impossible Chair

3. Pantone A6 Notebook

4. Labware Table/Floor Lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Authentics

5. Inside Out Bathroom Cabinet by Marcus Beck

6. Blaue Blume Large Cake Plate

I always enjoy discovering new and fun places to window shop. I think my hubby would love the Labware lighting fixtures..... alas, my taste always exceeds my checkbook!