August 11, 2010

madame monkey pants

Good evening. I would like to introduce you to Madame Monkey Pants... also known as my daughter, Violet. Yes, Monkey Pants is our affectionate nickname for our little girl. I know it sounds silly, but she does not refer to herself as "Violet", but rather "Monkey". It is actually quite cute! We ask her where the monkey is, and she points to herself. Violet is giving her best monkey face in these pictures.

Life has been incredibly busy the past few days. I am printing like a madwoman, and trying to stay focused, as I have little time every night to work after Madame Monkey Pants hits the hay.

Oh, and thanks so much for the advice yesterday on the dress! I went with the yellow dress. Ordered it today and am hoping it actually fits! I am always nervous if I should order a Medium or a Large. However, the size chart implied to order the Medium! Isn't it amazing how a wearing a size Medium instead of Large can make you feel soo much better about yourself?

Uh Oh... Monkey Pants is stirring in her sleep..... gotta go!