February 28, 2011

Let's Pinch Those Pennies!

Hi! I didn't write much last week. Sometimes life intervenes, and writing gets pushed to the back burner. But I missed you all!

I am super duper sleepy this evening. I spent all of last weekend in Springfield, MO cleaning, painting, fixing up the house that we are currently trying to sell. We are currently one of the many unfortunates who are carrying 2 mortgages at the moment. I am hopeful that after we spend a few weekends loving on our little house that it will sell.

And while we wait for it to sell, we are doing our best to pinch pennies so as to make the financial transition easier. Here are a few of the ways we have saved money this month!
  • Limiting eating out (we only ate out twice out of necessity, and both times we were out of town)
  • Turning down the heat a few degrees (I think it will pay off when the utility bill comes this month)
  • Carpooling/ with the hubby to and from work, and planning all errands during our work commute
  • Selling a few items on Craigslist to afford new things, like supplies for the bathroom makeover
  • Subscribing to Netflix (totally reduced our entertainment budget by $20 this month!)
Do you mind sharing with me some of your favorite ways to save money? I am anxious to learn from you all!