February 25, 2011

Follow the Sparrows

Don't you just adore AshleyG and all of her lovey work? I really have been a fan of this particular print for a while. I really like color combo and the idea of birds gently flying about in her hair. Just follow the sparrows!

Happy Friday to you all! I have been somewhat absentee blogger this past week. I traveled to Tulsa for to spend some QT with my sister and her new baby girl!

Things I have learned this week:

  • A 6 lb baby is super duper tiny, but just as snuggly
  • Lunch dates with new friends are lovely and much needed
  • My sister is such a strong, graceful new mom! Quite proud of her
  • I had forgotten how much natural sunlight improves a picture
  • I might be juggling too many responsibilities
  • Even when circumstances arise that are less than awesome, I am choosing to be happy
Thank you so much for sticking around, friends! I hope that this weekend brings you much rest and relaxation!