February 13, 2011

the bathroom facelift: DIY Lighting Fixture

Howdy! Ha this been a long week for anyone else? I feel like I started the week with so many ideas projects, but somehow along the way I slowed down. Yesterday, however, I did manage to get out of the house and mosey on over to TJ Max.

 I found these AMAZING metal black lacquered pencil holders and thought that they would make excellent lighting fixtures for the bathroom.

 I removed the white lighting circle tubey thing (I don't know the proper term) from the lighting fixture and used it as a guide for how large of a hole to drill into the base of the metal pencil holders.

 Next, I drilled a series of small holes around the guideline.

 I used needle nosed pliers to finish punching out the circle.

Then I stuck the white lighting circle through the new hole and screwed it back into the pendant lighting fixture.

Finally, I screwed the bulb back in and VOILA!

Originally I wanted the fixtures to be a bit larger in scale, but I could not find anything the right size around town or online. I totally dig these fun new lights, and cannot wait to find the perfect mirror and accessories for the rest of the bathroom.

Thanks for reading, friends!