February 11, 2011

do you ever have one of those days?

Ever had one of those days, or rather, series of days, housebound under 2 feet of snow?

And you are alone with a 2 year old? And all she does is make messes? And boss the dogs around? And sing "Swiper No Swipey! Awe Man!" (which is a Dora the Explorer reference) over and over again?

When you make homemade pancakes and accidentally triple the amount of baking soda?

When you feel like you should make the most of paid time off of work, because it has always been your dream to work from home, but instead all you do is get sidetracked?

It has been once of those weeks. And I've got the magnetic alphabet all over my kitchen floor to prove it!

But the snow is melting. And Violet is at Day Care for another hour.

And I just had some coffee.

Have a nice day!