February 2, 2011

Bathroom Facelift: Stalled (literally)

Howdy! This is a few days late, but I'm back with this week's edition of the great BATHROOM FACELIFT (hold the applause... please).

Here's the breakdown of expenses thus far on the bathroom! We are almost ready for the fun parts: decorating, creating a soothing oasis for yours truly, etc. Total Cost so far: $175.06! Not too shabby!

A few weeks ago we removed our bathroom toilet so that we could easily install flooring and baseboards in the bathroom. Well we have been a little slow to actually purchasing baseboards (blame little Schroeder and his MASSIVE vet bill... I kid, but seriously...) so the toilet has been out of commission.

In our brilliance, we put the ceramic toilet in the back yard for safe keeping. Yes. we are those neighbors with random appliances and furniture in our yard. Please don't tattle on us. I cannot handle another once of those nasty letters from the city informing us to remove our junk from our yard, but that is another story.

Well, it has snowed quite a bit since the toilet was put in the yard. And we may just have to replace it now, as we cannot tell if the cold weather has ruined the toilet. Here's hoping that we can have our "stall" reinstated in the near future.

Also in the near future: a trip to our local Re-Store to look for outlet covers, trim for the top of the bead board, and whatever else we can find on the cheap!