December 20, 2010

office gifts: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Over the weekend I finally got up the courage to do some baking. I have not cooked anything in quite a while. But I love cooking, so it did not take long for me to get my apron out and get my cook on!

I had stumbled upon this recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies on Catherine Campbell's blog, and knew that they would make great holiday gifts for my office friends. Added bonus, I had a bunch of mason jars just waiting to be used as fun gift containers.

Since I really could not venture out to go shopping for ribbon to decorate the mason jars, I kept it simple with a swatch of fabric on top and a dainty bow of yarn around the lid. Filled inside with 4 scrumptious cookies. I have to make more for the rest of my office (I ran out of mason jars!)

I love giving gifts. I love that some people really appreciate the handmade touch.

Do you ever find with your own family handmade is not seen as special? I am not saying that is the case with my own family, but I can see how difficult it could be for the handmade community during holidays to give lovingly handcrafted items and have them not hold up in the eyes of the recipient. You know, since there are people out there who still think that handmade = a popsicle ornament.

The value of time is underestimated. Lovingly baking Christmas cookies and sharing them with the one's you cherish could be gift enough for me this year.

But I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, say, if the gift horse is bringing me Season 1 of Glee on DVD....