December 7, 2010

found a work table

There is a little resale shop in a nearby town called Tontitown (yes, the town where the famous Duggar Family lives). This shop is stacked from floor to ceiling with tables, chairs, armories, the works! You can barely squeeze through each aisle without knocking over something else! But, occasionally, you can find some great deals on some fabulous furniture! This is the store where I had previously purchased my dining table, and where I have now found my new work table.

It is old, solid wood, with a a nice dark stain. I like the way the legs slightly angle out. It is rather dainty, yet large enough to work on. Currently it is missing a leaf in the center, so we will improvise and make a little slat to put in the middle.

I am quite happy. I've had getting a proper table on my mind for some time. I will post pictures of it in my office once we have built the leaf!