December 6, 2010

coming soon: the bathroom facelift

You think you know me. I am a woman who likes pretty things. Order. Color. Crisp Design. But I have a dirty little secret....

The Master Bathroom. Few have entered, and no one ever leaves.... mwahahahah.... (okay, that last part was a dramatic embellishment). Seriously, I choose to ignore its existence on a daily basis. But all of that is about to change with a dramatic, and hopefully affordable bathroom renovation.

So join me, won't you? Roll up your sleeves, because every Sunday for however long it takes, this weekend warrior is going to be up to her elbows in gaudy, 60's avocado colored bathroom goodness.

*Note the image above. That is the actual laminate counter top, complete with blue and green veiny embellisment. Oh, and yes, that handle has been broken on the drawer for who knows how long!*

Aren't you just dying to see what the bathroom looks like? Well next week, I will open the door. I'll give you a hint: wall to wall mirrors.