December 13, 2010

mind your music: DM Stith

About two months ago, I had the privilege of seeing Sufjan Stevens live in a beautiful old theatre. Anticipation was humming and there was overjoyed applause as a spotlight came on in the center of the stage. The audience was caught off guard when in the drench of light was not Sufjan Stevens - but a small, fair haired man alone with his guitar. People began to mutter and I wondered how on earth one lone person could open for so judgmental and impatient a crowd.

And then he began to sing.

Morning Glory Cloud

Who Is He: Upstate New Yorker David Stith was born musical, with a pianist mother, choir director father, and opera singing sisters. His harmonies and lyrics recently caught the attention of Sufjan Stevens who signed him to Asthmatic Kitty Records as well as made him a member of his band for the Age of Adz tour. However I must admit, DM Stith's looping vocal tracks and moss covered melodies is what stole my heart that night I saw him play.

Favorite Song: He has several EPs, but his full length album Heavy Ghosts has so many haunting tracks it's hard to pick just one. Stith is part Simon & Garfunkel, part Sleepy Hollow, and all earthy eerie-ness (is that even a word?). He's a gust of cold winter and northern lights over the soul.

Thanksgiving Moon

Makes Me Think Of/Feel Like: Nick Drake, colonial ghost stories, lights dancing through wet window panes, and musty letters hidden away from you and me.

The ethereal Janelle Dry, the Incredible Tree Project by Eibatova Karina (please view), and the glorious Lissy Elle

It's rare to find a voice so very unique. Drink it in like a warm cider - you'll love it I'm sure.
- Jenna

*Jenna is back after a brief hiatus from writing the ever-loved "Mind Your Music" posts. She is my ever inspiration for all things awesome. Be sure to check out her previous posts here.*