December 31, 2010

mind your music: kate nash

First, I must say this - I hate pop music. No judgment upon those who listen to it, but the bright bouncy sound and repetitive vapid lyrics overwhelm me with a wash of sickly sweet. And I must escape it. That being said, I have to now admit ... I cannot quit listening to Kate Nash.


Who Is She: Forget Katy Perry. Cast aside images of Natasha Beddingfield. This is Kate Nash. And she's nothing like them. Irish born and London bred, Kate is a precocious 23 whose girlish grit is catchy and shockingly smart. She's a bullet - centered gob stopper and her own brand of glittery kitsch. Her English accent bleeds through every song and I love it.

Favorite Song: From the clever beats of "Skeleton Song" to the cheeky "I've Got A Secret", both her albums are a treat. And the shatteringly blunt and beautiful slam poem that opens "Mansion Song" never ceases to give me goosebumps. Her irreverance isn't flakey and her feminine wit doesn't feel like fluff. It's a fine line, and she lights it on fire.

Pumpkin Soup

Makes Me Think Of/Feels Like: 1960s bee hives and knee socks, Topshop, and everything English.

Illustrations by the brilliant Nikki Farquharson (a graduate of my future university!).

Kate Nash made me a believer in pop music ... and strangely enough, proud to put on some eyeliner and be a real girl. It's pretty awesome.

- Jenna