June 21, 2012

Ryan Gosling Can Totally Do My Dishes

I love Dear Colleen. For reals. I have purchased her tea towels in the past to give as gifts for other people. But I bought this Ryan Gosling Tea Towel just for me :)

Really, though, Colleen Pugh is one of the nicest artists that I have had the pleasure of interacting with via the interwebs. I 1st learned of her work years ago when we were both featured in the same Decor8 Etsy Take 5 Tuesday round-up (crazy, eh Colleen)? My work has changed quite a bit since March 2010, but Dear Colleen's brand voice has always been strong and, well, a bit sassy!

In fact, you should hop on over to Decor8 and see Colleen's studio tour that is featured there this week!

So what dishes would you rather be doing this week?