June 28, 2012

The Girls

Violet, Lucy, and I spend a lot of time together. Pretty much we are all buds. And for some reason I never snap pictures of them unless it is with my iphone. I am trying to fix that problem by keeping my camera near by. 

V loves unicorns. It has a lot to do with the movie "Despicable Me" (it's so FLUFFY!). I bought this shirt on clearance for Lucy, but Violet is petite. So it fits her perfectly. Happy Violet equals a happy mommy :)

Lucy is into everything. She went from tummy time straight to inching around the house like a worm. As of yesterday it is a full on crawl.

 We've got some bed head. Obviously ;)

Violet had a play date yesterday.  She spent the whole morning with a big smile on her face in anticipation of Ezzie coming over! I really am cherishing these first friendships.

Of course, Lucy is along for the ride. Being the little sister means that you get to hang out with the big kids. I was the youngest and always loved it when my sis Angie would have friends over to the house. I always wanted to be grown up like them. 

And these two are such sweet sisters! Violet tells me everyday that Lucy is "the most perfect baby that we ever could have wanted!"

And Violet is right. I love having girls :)

That is my life right now. Work. Kids. Husband. There is a joy to the true, simple aspects of living. It makes me think of the Weepies song "A Simple Life".

That's it.