June 11, 2012


I decided to challenge myself to blog everyday this week about whatever I want! Today it is all about Lucy.  She is just about 7 months old now! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. She is this chubby cheeked bundle of happy love.

Lucy loves it when you blow in her face. She acts surprised and happy every time. This kid is easy going and jolly. Pretty sure she is going to have brown hair (Violet's hair was already blonde at this age).

 Whenever Nathan and I are feeling a little down, we just say "Hi, Lucy!" and she flashes us the biggest smile. Totally makes the day better.

As of this past week, Lucy is crawling! I mean she gets everywhere and just wants to explore and play with Violet's toys.

Lucy is also sitting up all by herself. And she has lots of teeth. She loves to jump and giggle. She pretty much rocks my world.

 Lucy had her 6 month check up and she is in the 90th percentile! She will be a tall girl like me :) 

I know that every mom is crazy about their kids. I know every mom goes on and on about every little detail and trick that their progeny can do. And I am no exception. I go to bed full (and tired) from the day. I wake up to cries and hungry bellies. The lack of sleep, the inability to grab a cup of coffee until 10 A.M., the living room filled with toys and constant piles of laundry: Totally Worth it.

Our family has been faced with a number of recent personal obstacles (that I probably will not blog about). We are being stretched and challenged like we never have been before, and our future is more uncertain today than it ever has been. But through everything, if I have my family, everything will be okay.