June 1, 2012


Lately, we've been a busy family. I took a quick weekend trip to Tulsa for Mother's Day. Just me and the girls. Nathan stayed home and worked diligently on his dissertation. Hopefully he will be able to defend it this summer. The he will be Dr. Bloomfield.

Side-note: Wouldn't it be nice if when you finished your PhD you were given a crown and a bouquet of flowers while glitter fell from the sky? I mean, becoming a Dr. is way harder than, say, being crowned Miss USA, right? At least that is my opinion. And, Nathan really isn't a glitter and head ware kind of man ;)

Back to life. The trip to Tulsa made me realize 2 things: Violet still needs here afternoon nap, and Lucy is without a doubt the easiest baby on earth. She is friendly and hardly ever cries. She is a doll. I cherish every moment I get to spend with her. She has such a gentle love. You know how when you look at a baby and they give you the biggest smile? It makes you feel good. Love her. So. Much.

The next weekend, I had a booth at the local Block Street Block Party. I shared it with the darling Amber Perrodin of Perrodin Supply Company. The day was pure joy. Familiar faces. Good food. Great music. Decent sales. And honestly, it was a day for me to be away from the girls. Sometimes alone time is good time.

I have to say, the longer I am in Arkansas, the more I am enjoying it. And it has only taken, oh, 4 years! Thankful for a handful of genuine friends. They probably don't even realize that without their support, I would just be floating alone.

Memorial Day weekend we went to Dallas. This was the 1st time my brother's family got to meet Lucy. Violet was finally old enough to really play with her older cousins. She still gets super excited to go swimming, but won't actually get in the pool. Lucy, on the other hand, splashed her little heart out!

A surprisingly good trip. Surprising because my children actually behaved. Like they were rock stars. It is amazing how much more fun you have as a parent when you can sit down and visit with family without your children constantly screaming ;)

In between all of these little adventures, I've been working on new products. A calendar, rubber stamps, a small clothing line for kids, and a few other items. My goal is to have all of my holiday items finished this summer.

Well, that is my life right now. How have you been?