November 10, 2011

Made: Diaper Changing Pad Cover

I have been searching for a lovely changing pad cover for Lucy. Alas, all I found at target were fluffy polka-dotted pastel pads. Not really my taste. Then, I decided I would grab some of the scrap fabric I had lying around my studio and just whip one up for her! I winged it and did not follow a tutorial, but rather used one of Violet's old covers as a pattern.

After the fact, I remembered that Prudent Baby has an much simpler tutorial (which can be found here) for making a changing pad cover. And I am thinking of trying it out for the next 2 that I am making.

This fabric is rather bright and busy.With all of the other patterns I have going on in the room, I need to exercise some caution with anything else I bring into the room. But this was a great little afternoon project. Oh, and do you see the little diaper pale for Lucy's cloth diapers? It is actually a $15 air tight dog food holder from Lowes! A girl at a local baby store recommended getting one if I was using cloth diapers.

Which I am still totally confused about but determined to try.

That will be a whole other blog post for sure.