November 15, 2011

Guest Post: Monte Cristo Sandwiches with Ordinary Mommy

Hi friends! I am taking some time off now that little Lucy has arrived :) But don't worry, I've lined up a great group of bloggers to guest post in my absence! Today Faith from Ordinary Mommy is going to share with you a yummy recipe. Thanks, Faith!

Hello, GingiberSnap readers! I’m so thrilled that Stacie asked me to be a part of her blog and guest post while she and her family are taking some time to welcome little Lucy.

While I am certainly no gourmet chef, I do love to cook my own way, and with three wee ones running about I need to create recipes that are simple and to the point. As such, this definitely deviates from the traditional Monte Cristo sandwich, but it’s still quite tasty and rather easy. It’s perfect for when the kiddos want French toast and I’m looking for something a little bit more filling that has a good dose of protein.

If you are planning a brunch for any time during the holiday season, this recipe would be just the thing. Sometimes with all of the wonderful busyness during this time of the year it’s nice to have something simple to fall back on. Either cut the sandwiches into quarters, or slice them into strips, and place on a serving tray.



8 pieces of French toast
12 slices of ham (1/2 pound should be more than enough)
4 slices of cheese
maple syrup or raspberry jam

Prepare French toast as you normally would. Put two or three slices of ham and a slice of cheese (Swiss or provolone is best) between two pieces of French toast to make a sandwich. Return to the pan for a few moments to allow the cheese to get a little melty. Serve with maple syrup or raspberry jam for dipping!

Recipe makes 4 sandwiches.