November 17, 2011

In Photos: Lucy's Arrival

I wanted to formally introduce you to Lucy Emmeline Bloomfield. Thank you all for the warm wishes :) I feel like my family is so fortunate to have another healthy girl. She is such a calm baby. Dark hair, dark eyes. Looks just like her daddy. And I am smitten! I will post her birth story later, so for now enjoy a healthy dose of photos of her arrival.

Us at the hospital. Me walking around at a 7 :)

Lucy's arrival! I was so happy... Like one of the happiest days I have ever had :)

Violet coming to meet her sister! She drew us some pictures.

I just love these photos of Nathan showing Lucy to Violet!

This is my favorite photo. I love these 2 so much, and the smile on Nathan's face is priceless.

Happy little family :) Now we need a photo with Violet in it too!