November 16, 2011

Guest Post: Baby Girl Shopping by Sandy a la Mode

Hi! I'm filling in for Stacie today while she is enjoying her newborn! It should only be a matter of a few weeks until my baby is born too, how exciting!

A little about moi... my name is Sandy, I blog over at Sandy a la Mode, and ramble multiple times a day over on Twitter. I blog about my adventures in DSLR photography, delicious recipes I have tried or invented, fashion, inspiration, and most recently my baby bump and cute baby things (well really, anything in miniature size is just adorable, don't you agree?). Some things I love are bubble tea, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, dim sum, dresses, shoes, jewelry, Skittles, shopping, and my husband of course. I like to host giveaways every week on my blog and sharing with my readers cool shops I come across! What's not to love about a chance to win free stuff? But anyway, enough about me, over the past 8 months as I'm preparing for my baby to make his appearance, I've scoured the web and stores for the cutest baby stuff to dress my baby boy up in. Of course, once in awhile, I'll come across some ADORABLE baby girl items in my search. So, since Stacie just had a new baby girl, I decided to help her out with some of her shopping, that's what friends are for, right?

1 It'll probably be awhile until your baby can wear these adorable glitter Toms, but I say stock up and another pair will be sent to a child in need!

2 Into handmade? Noah and Lilah has some of the CUTEST baby clothes, foreals moms.

3 I don't know about your baby, but my baby has a good chunk of vintage wears in his closet and TwitchTots is one of my fave places to get them!

4 Ruffles bums are SO in. Cute Little Toosh sells them!

5 I wish I could dress up my little boy in this Moriah Makes headband, but not sure he'd appreciate it, HA! But I'm sure your little girl would look GREAT in pictures with this on.

6 Nursing just got a whole lot more glamorous with this For The Love of Joy boppy cover, my niece has one!

7 And finally, your nursery just wouldn't be complete without a personalized print from Livy Love Designs.

Congrats again Stacie! Enjoy these first few days of your oh-so-good-smelling newborn, watching her grow and change every day, and your beautiful new family!