November 22, 2011

Guest Post: Dutch Newborn Set with Peggy of Paul et Paula

New baby, new life and to give Stacie some piece and bonding time I am very happy to guest post here today.
I am Peggy and I am currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Today I want to show you what Dutch people usually buy when a baby is on the way. All things you see here are Dutch to keep it really “national”.
A Bugaboo pram is classic and the one you will see everywhere here in Amsterdam. They are super handy and last forever! 

The Maxi Cosi car seat is another classic and easy to use with the Bugaboo too.
The Dutch still like warm baby’s bed with a hot water bottle (even in the hospital they do it that way). And to make it pretty and soft you can buy cosy bottle covers!

There are some very nice Dutch kids labels and they all do lovely, comfortable baby clothes. Above you see a hat from bieq, a cache coeur cardi from Imps+Elfs and soft knitted pants from Kidscase.

Cool toys from Esthex and to cheer up the kids room you will find beautiful wall decals from INKE.

Another very Dutch “thing” is the box, that is how it is called here and you might know it under the name of a baby park or a playpen. We never owned one and surprised all Dutch visitors with it.
To make the box comfortable you buy a blanket like this one from snoozebaby with lots of little labels for baby to play with.

Famous and we can’t do without it anymore, are these huge bikes called bakfiets. Lots of people get one when the second child is on the way and there is space left for shopping, sandpit toys or a picnic basket.

The changing bag you see here is from Oilily and believe me, 75% of the mums I see walking around have one of those!

The toadstool is actually a little pouf and from Anne-Claire Petit, the hat from Kik Kid, the red fleece jacket from Imps&Elfs and the warm playsuit from KidsCase. Itsy bitsy spider makes music and is from Esthex and the bib comes with the famous Dutch prints!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the Dutch world of babies!