August 28, 2011

Honey Almond Madeleine Cookies

Hello! I've not had a chance to blog all weekend. My daughter has had the chicken pox (and yes, to preemptively answer the question, she has been immunized, but has only had the 1st of 2 shots). I've spent the better portion of the past 5 days tending to her needs. I have been so thankful to spend so much one on one time with her!

This morning, I had the sudden urge to act on one of those Martha Stewart Madeleine Cookie recipes I posted about earlier in the week. I decided to tackle the basic Madeleine recipe, but had to modify it a bit, given the ingredients I had on hand.

The recipe called for honey already, so I just increased the amount of honey. Then I substituted vanilla extract for some almond extract I had in the fridge. I was out of brown sugar, so granulated sugar all the way! Sprinkled with some powdered sugar, it was the perfect Sunday morning indulgence :)

What about you? Have you been cooking anything yummy recently? Do you find yourself often improvising in the kitchen?