August 25, 2011

27 Weeks Pregnant

At 27 weeks, I feel bigger (not necessarily better) than ever. The baby is kicking at all hours, which is comforting, but also a wee bit uncomfortable! I find myself staring at my belly while at work, putting headphones on my bump so that the little girl can listen to my Pandora Station. The feet are starting to swell, and I can no longer button my pre-pregnancy jeans, but that is to be expected :)

Next week I will be in the 3rd trimester! The final stretch. I find myself daydreaming more frequently about holding 2 little girls in my arms. I wonder about what life will be like? How will Nathan and I handle the late night feedings again? Will this new baby have blonde hair, like Violet? Or will she get Nathan's curls? Will her nose turn up like Violet's? Will she have my eyes?

Fantasizing about how much life will change within the next 3 months is possibly my favorite thing to do :) And I feel so blessed.