August 29, 2011

Business Basics: The Business Card

I remember over 2 years ago, when I was 1st dreaming up Gingiber, the scariest step for me was ordering business cards! Ordering my cards meant that I was a real business, and perhaps my hobby would soon turn into a tangible, profitable online shop.

One of my 1st business cards, though cute, had no real direction. It said "Gingiber" with my etsy shop address and no mention of what it was that "Gingiber" actually was! Over the past 2 years, I have gleaned the advice of many of my online artist friends, adding more pertinent information.

I recently ordered new cards to get me through the holidays, and thought it would be fun to make the fronts of the cards like little mini prints. So now I have "Quilted Fox" business cards and "Calico Cat" business cards, and both say "Gingiber Nursery Decor" below the artwork. On the back, my name is featured prominently, along with my e-mail address, twitter handle, and shop and blog urls. I also have a little coupon code as an incentive for return customers!

I feel like having a clean, informative business cards is like putting my best business face forward! Do any of you feel that way too in your small businesses? What advice do you have for business basics?