August 16, 2011

25 Weeks Pregnant

I am beginning to realize how much I have to do before the kiddo arrives, sometime around Turkey Day. Things like, oh, attend birthing classes, finish the girls' room, register for a few small items :)

When I was pregnant with miss Violet, I was working so many hours at Starbucks, I did not even think about how I wanted my birth to go down. I literally baked the kid, showed up at the hospital, and gave birth. Simple as that. This time, I am really wanting to contemplate my options. Like, do I want another epidural? Can I do it natural? My midwife is super supportive of either option. I found out that the hospital that I am giving birth at even has a birthing pool! Something to look into for sure.

I will not be a control freak about things. So, if the pain is just too much for me to handle, I just might get that epidural, and not feel bad about it. But, I do think I am leaning towards trying things without painkillers.

In terms of registering, since I had a kiddo 2 1/2 years ago, I have heard that it is not proper to have a full blown registry (at least that is the word on the street). So, I will register for a few items, like cloth diapers (Yes, I am going to give cloth a chance!), a new pack n play, and a baby food maker. BUT I am really excited about making some Etsy Treasury's filled with handmade items that I love! Not sure if it is fair to expect people to actually purchase from them like a Target registry, but what the heck!

Okay, this has been a really long post! Thanks for keeping up with me and baby Bloomfield :)