January 2, 2010

updating the gingiber etsy shop, and give away reminder

I have lots of prints and cards and embroidery patterns that I will be adding to my Gingiber Etsy Shop over the next 2 days. Yesterday I only managed to get two prints up...
This is a 5x7 Blend In (Love) print. More info can be found here in my etsy. I love this little guy!

And, of course, the 5x5 Red Buds and Bird print, which I featured the other day on here. PLEASE remember that I am giving away a copy with text to the person who can suggest the best phrase to be featured on this print. Just leave your suggestion in the comments section! The last day for ideas is on January 3rd.

Okay, I will admit that I have been living under a rock concerning all of the beautiful blogs that are available for reading. However, I have finally discovered the blog Making it Lovely! Here are some of my favorite photos from her cute and inspiring house!
(All Images from MakingItLovely)
 Have a Happy Day!