January 14, 2010

best breakfast: steel cut oats with nutella!

Yes, it sounds crazy, but today I made myself a lovely breakfast, complete with a french press of coffee, fresh steel cut oats, and a dollop of nutella on top! Do yourselves a favor and try it: You will not be sorry.
Sorry for the lack of awesome posts this week. I have been working on 2 freelance projects, and my time has been eaten up..... oh, and I have watched an entire season of Gilmore Girls in 3 days.

That takes commitment, folks.

However, I am working on some children's customizable art for my Gingiber Etsy. I am not sure if it is coming together like I planned. 
I find that my childhood idols were Edward Gorey and Mary Engelbreit, and the older I get the more my silly doodles seem to reflect that (not that they are silly, I am silly, because I went to college, got an art degree, and now I am spending quite a bit of my life doodling away, and making little to no money doing it, but I have never been happier!)
Finally, I am really tempted to purchase this "Full Agenda" dress from ModCloth, even though I do not need to be spending the money.

What do you think?