January 31, 2010

help a sister out.... pretty please?

So, I have had a ton going on in my life personally. Without going into too much silly detail, I feel completely burnt out.
The inspiration is gone. I feel kinda like I cannot move forward. I cannot seem to draw. I cannot seem to dream. Even my beloved Gilmore Girls cannot get me lit up inside again.

I have been really sick. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and I do not have what Miss Violet had. I have a severe throat infection.... I believe the exact words of the doctor were, "Oh My!". Yes, my throat is a holy terror. The doctor suggested that I stay home until like Tuesday to get better, but who can do that when they have a full time job?

Also, it snowed like 7 inches here in Arkansas. My family decided to stay with some other family for a few days, because where we live, the power always goes out. So we had not been home for a few days. When we got home, the Carbon Monoxide Alarm was going off! We called the fire department. They could not find the problem..... but the alarm still wants to go off. I think we will purchase a new one very soon.

All this really means nothing. Except for the fact that I really love to post pretty happy things here.... but feeling like this, it is hard to inspire.

What do you all do when you just don't feel pretty and happy inside? What do you do when it doesn't matter how much you sleep you are still tired? All of the old standbys are not working.....

I need your help.

What do you do when you are in a funk?

Suggestions are required.

Pretty Please?