January 28, 2010

new apron!

So I have a slight obsession with aprons.... I wear them everywhere.

Around the house.
Out to lunch.
To the office. (usually I get stares)

If I could, I would sleep in a cute, adorable apron.

Aprons scream industrious woman! Woman who wear aprons don't just sit around on their keisters drinking long island iced teas. Woman who wear aprons mean business.

I love me a good apron. I will share my apron collection with you someday.

SOOOOOO, all this is to say, I finally made myself a homemade apron! I hope you like it!
I had some leftover fabric from my couch endeavor, so yay me!
So what have we learned today? Aprons equal productivity. I want to be productive. Therefor, I must wear an apron every day of the week!