January 6, 2010

i have had a revelation..... never make expensive purchases during pregnancy

So, I don't really write a ton about my personal life on here.... but I will share with you the revelation I have recently had:

So, I am not currently pregnant, but when I was a good 9 months pregnant with Violet, I was determined to purchase a new couch. I agonized in vein about the couch I wanted. I scoured through magazines, websites, stores, everything. A local furniture store was having a huge sale on couches, and I had settled on a modest pale blue couch with clean modern lines. It was in my price range, and (in hindsight) would have been the perfect addition to my living room. This is where my pregnancy brain went a muck.

My eyes wondered to a big, cushy, down filled, slip covered sofa! Big enough to cuddle on with my hubby, and just deep enough that I could easily climb out of the couch with my big pregnant belly. And, I could customize the fabric! It seemed perfect. I had to have it.

Big mistake.

I looked through the swatch books, and, you see, I was in a black and white phase (My pregnancy brain told me that black and white equaled control, and I needed control since I was pregnant and felt uncontrollably fat). Furniture stores do not have the best selections, by the way...

I settled on a black and white floral brocade print, handed the salesman my credit card, and eagerly awaited the arrival of my new couch.... which, I was told, would take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Time crawled by, and FINALLY, I got the call that my couch was being delivered. I was sooo excited I could hardly stand it. My husband was home when the couch was delivered, so he saw my reaction when I arrived home from work that day..... total disgust and disappointment.

I immediately cried. It was terrible. The black and white floral print was busy and distasteful and anything but what I had imagined it to be. And, I have been hesitant to invite anyone to my house since the arrival of the couch, which was over a year ago.
Please note the look of embarrassment on Violet's Face

So, I am going to make a new slipcover. I cannot decide exactly how I want it to look. Here are some pretty images to help get me going:
Images from fffound and flickr

Wish me luck on this journey! I will keep you updated with pictures of the process!