December 5, 2009

oh wonderful dallas trip

My little family and I set out for a road trip yesterday! My brother and his family live in Dallas, and they have never met my little cutie pie, Violet!(Who wouldn't love this face?)

I will post some pictures of the journey when I get back home! My sister-in-law's house is sooo festive! It makes me want to drink some hot chocolate and cuddle by the fireplace.... if my fireplace actually worked.

Speaking of fireplaces, I just can't figure out how to decorate my mantel for Christmas. Here are some of my inspirations for pretty mantels... What do you think? 

Okay, this last one is not for a mantel, but I used to live in a cute little home without a fireplace... this is just adorable! I love LivingEtc! Always inspiring!

Have a magical evening! (and look at my etsy shop! I have cute Holiday Cards for sale!)