December 16, 2009


Sometimes I see portraits that make me really happy.
 I just learned of Sandra Suy today, but when I one of her works featured on decor8, I was kind of smitten. She is based out of Spain, and gave up fashion design for drawing beautiful people in beautiful clothes. (I think it was a smart move). Her etsy features prints of her original illustrations. I am tempted to buy one just so I can lust after it in my own home, instead of on my small computer screen.
I remember the first time I saw a Sargent painting. The way he represented the subject, mixing lively brushstrokes and a somewhat classical face is sort of what made me want to be an artist. I am not great with words, but I sort of lurve Sargent.
Laura Mallet's work moves me in the same way. I love her mixed media pieces, where she combines portraiture with sewing, gold leaf, patterns. They make me feel nostalgic, longing to be a part of the world that she has constructed in each image. Oh, and I know Laura personally, so hopefully she doesn't mind me mentioning her on my blog, but she is incredibly talented. Check out her work here. She makes me want to be a better artist.

Why do I love portrait work soooo much?

 You see, over the past few years, I gave up on fine art and portrait-work in favor of doodles and drawings that didn't require me putting that much of myself out into the ether. I am sort of the sensitive, not good at taking criticism type. So, I stopped allowing myself to be criticized. I stopped making art. I found an abundance of excuses. I work too much. I am married. I have a baby. I'd rather be spelunking. You know the drill.

Here's a goal: I am going to make a dedicated effort to draw more and even share it on here from time to time.

And, I won't do toooo many of the mushy "Let's learn more about Stacie" posts in the future. I guess I just wanted to write it on my blog, where everything I write is fair game and will exist forever in internet-land. So hold me to it!