December 9, 2009

iron and wine and snow

A quite morning, looking out the window, sipping coffee and listening to Iron and Wine. The snow is falling gently.......

This was not my morning. In between a sick baby girl (Miss Violet Clementine has such a hoarse little throat that her cries were silent, but clearly my baby is under the weather), and a battle with finding the right tights to go with my outfit today (I settled with a nice steel gray to compliment my boots), I am settling most happily to listening to an Iron and Wine inspired play list on Pandora, sipping a lovely cup of cocoa that a kind coworker surprised me with today.
Sometimes, it is hard for me to acknowledge that where I am in my life right now (though not how I imagined it to be) is actually exactly where I am meant to be. I love my husband, my two silly critters, my baby girl, and my wonderful job. Someday, art will be my livelihood. But for today, this is pretty alright.

(And don't worry, I am on a break at work, so I am not breaking any rules!)
I miss this couch (I reupholstered it afew years ago, my dogs destroyed it.....)
Here is a drawing for Valentine's Day (bad scan....)

Good day to you all!