December 22, 2009

paper flowers for decorating mini pie jars

Paper Flower Decorations!
So I made some cute paper flowers and labels for my mini pies. (I also made some mini pretty peach pies).

These are really simple to make, but I thought I would post a tutorial anyways! (Again, if Santa wanted to get me a nice big camera to replace my awful i phone camera, I would be quite happy.....)

Paper Flower Tutorial

1. Grab your favorite decorative paper (I designed my own, but any piece of scrapbook paper will do.
2. Draw 4 amorphous flowers on the paper in varying sizes (see photo above).
3. Cut out the 4 flowers.
4. Stack the flowers on top of each other, and poke a hole through the middle.
5. Cut a 12 inch piece of yarn and lace it through the hole in the paper flowers.
6. Tie a knot in the yarn (this serves as the center of your flower).
7. Take the rest of the yarn and wrap it around the top of your mason jar and tie a knot to attach.
8. Now squish all of the layers of the flower together, to add some depth.
9. Enjoy your pretty paper flower!
 I hope you enjoy!