January 4, 2011

mon petit chou chou

I am not well versed in the language of French. I took 2 semesters of French in college, and was told that I spoke French with a German accent by my professor. Yikes. Yet there was one reason that I chose French as my foreign language requirement during my time at college: "Mon Petit Chou Chou." It translates roughly to "My Little Cabbage". And it is a term of endearment.

I learned this phrase when I was in the 1st grade while attending a small private school in Dallas. We were a refined bunch of children, learning the french words for "bread" & "potato", all of the necessities to get by if by some chance we found ourselves overseas. Around Valentines Day, my teacher, Mrs. Antos, decided it would be great fun to assign each one of lovely little phrases to say to one another. I was given the phrase, "Mon Petit Chou Chou" and was ecstatic to call all of my friends cabbages!

I decided to commemorate this memory in the form of a new print in the Gingiber Shop, available in 2 colorways: Red and Green

So this Valentines Day, as you are sharing a single meatball and extra long piece of spaghetti with that special someone, stare deeply into their eyes and let your little cabbage know how much you love them.