January 2, 2011

the bathroom facelift: painted countertops

Hello! Lots has been done in the old bathroom! I painted the counter tops a light grey using an actual laminate paint. Let me tell you that paint is STINKY! We all slept on the other end of the house with the windows open so that the fumes could air out. But it was worth it. The counters look really good for a $20 can of paint!

I also filled the holes in the cabinet drawers where the old handles used to be. No luck yet finding new drawer pulls, but that can wait until the end. I cannot wait to take a paint brush to these dingy old cabinets and make them shine!

And yes, that is bead board where the old tile used to be! We had some left over from a previous project, so we slapped that board up with some liquid nails adhesive and some special panel nails. We have yet to paint it, so it is very very bright white at the moment. I will go over the bead board instillation in greater depth next week.

We also finished removing all of the tile from walls surrounding the toilet area. And my sweet Nathan spent hours over Christmas Break scraping away ever last bit of the 40 year old flooring.

(There are the remnants of the old flooring (the green speckles were decorative)

I don't have a great picture of the before, but we discovered soon into demolition that there were a few layers of linoleum on the bathroom floor. Now we are down to the cement slab, but WOW it really smells so much better in this bathroom without the previous flooring.

So what do you think so far? It is rough right now, but just you wait! It will look faboosh when this is all said and done!