January 9, 2011

the bathroom facelift: bead board and paint color

This week I focused on painting the bead board, cabinets, and trim in the bathroom.

Last week I said I would go into more detail about installing the bead board. I don't have a ton of pictures of the process, but we simply bought some board from the hardware store and had them make the major cuts to size. We brought the boards home and my husband made the more detailed cuts (like where the light switch is and corners of the counter top). We then applied liquid nails to the back of the boards and affixed them to the walls. We actually used shower curtain rods to create tension and help hold the boards in place while the glue dried. I painted the bead board with white paint made especially for bathrooms (to prevent mold and mildew) and that was it! All that is left with the bead board is to seal the edges with waterproof silicone caulk to prevent moisture from getting behind the boards and topping it off with some trim.

 We ordered a curtain on sale from Urban Outfitters to cover the door and front of the shower, but am not sure yet if I love it.

I also picked out a paint color for the walls to cover the pale rose color that is currently there. It is called "Light Mint" and actually compliments the existing greenish tile work nicely!I know that the pictures are poorly lighted, but soon I will have new lighting fixtures installed with proper light bulbs for such a small space. I think that it will look fabulous!

Until next week,