July 17, 2010

mind your music: stars

Okay, so you are going to have endure my Lollpalooza 2010 countdown for the next few weeks because i'm just that excited! There are many that i am looking forward to and one of them is the Canadian glory known as Stars.

Who Are They: It's one of Stacie and my favorites, and reminds me strongly of college and traveling abroad. Stars has a delicious twinkling night romance to it that is poigniant, bright, and mysterious. They are poppy but not annoying, and one of my first picks when introducing some one to the beginnings of alternative/indie music.

Favorite Song: All of Stars songs are somehow connected with a very distinct memory to me so it's hard to choose. I've loved all of their albums but i think my favorite is "Set Yourself on Fire" (especially the song below). Their new album "The Five Ghosts" is out right now and simply wonderful.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Reminds Me Of/Sounds Like: snowy winter nights, childhood, and riding on the London Underground

Sources: Simon Crubellier and Richard Nabarro

i can't end without saying one, how incredible they are live and two, forcing you to endure this story:

i first saw Stars live on complete accident when I was studying abroad and spending the weekend in Belfast, Ireland. They were playing in a local pub. If seeing Stars with 100 Irish college students singing every word out loud with all their heart wasn't enough, i got the crazy idea to scribble a note to the band. Holding back all apprehension of looking/feeling like a complete idiot, i explained that my boyfriend and i had been (and were going to be) apart for 6 months while i was overseas. He was going to see them later on in Baltimore, Maryland that fall. i named the club even though i didn't know the date, and asked them to please tell him i loved and missed him. They kept the note for almost 2 1/2 months and to the utter surprise of my boyfriend (and myself!), told the story and dedicated the song below to us at the Baltimore show ... which is actually one of our favorites. And even if it seems incredibly sappy, i think it says something about what kind of band they are. To me, it's makes them one of the best.

My Favourite Book

- Jenna