July 7, 2010

mind your music: black rebel motorcycle club

Sometimes, i just wish i was cool ... that old school, undeniable, biker kind of awesome. However, no matter how many pairs of black sunglasses i buy or how many "tough faces" i make in the mirror, i'm still a nerdy little Midwest girl. But that's why there's the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Who Are They: Influenced by old school hard rock such as Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones, B.M.R.C. has taken the genre that is rock and roll and recreated it into something Marlon Brando would light a cigarette to ( one of Brando's movies is actually where they got their name ). The California - based band feels simultaneously new and nostalgic, and they are great live. i loved going to a show where i stuck out in the audience because of age and lack of leather. haha And the lighting technician in the back looked like he was having more fun than the guys on stage!

Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Favorite Songs: Yet another artist that i can listen to on repeat when i'm in the mood. I would have to say "Howl" is my all time favorite, but their newest album "Beat the Devil's Tattoo" is quickly becoming another. I love their "old hymn" sounding songs that have a great prison blues feel.

Fault Line

Makes Me Think Of/Feel Like: A reincarnation of Fulsom Prison, Bonnie and Clyde, and good old Cool Hand Luke.

Photos alternately by Tony Katai and neon.tambourine

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the perfect dusty, summer time grit that everyone needs ... even if you don't own a leather jacket.