July 11, 2010

a few new things

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had all of these grand plans of things to feature on the old blog, but got sidetracked! However, here are a few photos of some changes I have made to my house!

1st up: curtains
 Before: Long graphic green and brown curtains that drug the ground. Violet kept getting hung up in them!
After: Simple panels on tension rods within the window frame. It really cleans up the room and shows off the nice large windows. fabric: amy butler banana cotton

2nd up: fireplace art rearrange
Before: Mr. Einstein sat on my fireplace in front of a simple yellow canvas. unfortunately, Violet broke the glass on Einstein, so it was time for a rearrange.

 After: I painted a canvas with chalkboard paint and drew this pretty flower design, inspired by Nama Rococo's "Serious Bokay". 
Oh, and Mr. Einstein got a new come and a new painted frame! He is such a saucy little man with that green frame, isn't he?

3rd: framed postcards
I found these awesome green 4x6 frames at target, only $5.00 for 4! So I hung a trio of AshleyG postcards! Oh happy day!

4th: new chaise (ish) lounge
My mother-in-law is cleaning house and graciously gave us this adorable chair! It sits low like a chaise and it really rounds out our living room! So cozy! It is a little formal, so I am going to have to jazz it up with some great pillows. Please ignore the only primed wall and miscellaneous mirrors and frames on the floor.... still undecided on the wall color!

5th: new table!
 Nathan and bought this AMAZING table from a resale shop (thanks Tamara for the tip on this great store). It was really inexpensive, but did not come with chairs, so I am hoping to accumulate some one of a kind antique chairs and paint them, much like is pictured below:
(source is listed here in my original post about tables)

So, what do you think? I know my house has a lot of bright, saturated color, but it truly makes me happy. I have tried for a long while to change my taste, to make it more "mature" and approachable. But, I have found I actually can LOVE my home if I decorate it true to myself.

Thanks so much for reading! I really never know how to respond to comments, but I love getting them! Should I write thanks on commentor's blogs or comment on my own posts? I never know what is appropriate! Regardless, thanks for brightening my day by simply being here!