July 19, 2010

artist spotlight: bungaloo

Today I was browsing etsy and found this incredible shop called the bungaloo! The mastermind behind these undeniably awesome prints is John Vogl, who based out of St. Louis, Missouri.  He specialize in screenprinted concert posters and shirts. However, these posters are so beautiful, I would want to own several of them even if I had no idea who the bands were on the posters.

I fell in love with this print, as my husband is currently getting is Ph.D. in Mathematics. Generally when we are at family functions, people bring up allgorithims because it is the smartest sounding math word that people can remember.... my husband just loves that!

This print, House No 20, is simply beautiful. I adore the colors.

 Seriously, this Freelance Whales Gig Poster is so whimsical and gorgeous.

Be sure to check out Jon's website, thebungaloo.com to learn all about his incredible screenprints!