March 20, 2010

when i grow up......

I want my home to look more elegant, but still have some quirk in the mix. Here are some of my favorite decorating images as of late:
I love the low fireplace and the pops of plum
I adore this wall of inspiration. When I try this at home, it never looks quite as elegant... I think that the large windows and lovely lighting fixture are what make this work
Such a great way to display jewelry...
I am digging the crisp monogram next to the vintage posters
Blue! and Pink! I love it!
The throw on this couch is to die for!!!!!
The only thing I truly love about this room is the rug..... (I am salivating right now.... don't worry, everyone does it....)
WINDOWS!!!!! I currently live in a windowless world
I might need frosted glass on this shower, but everything else works so perfectly together

images: ElleDecor and LivingEtc

I hope that this happy post brightens your cold Saturday!