March 7, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

So after several days without internet, we found out that our router was broken.... My hubby bought a new one, so I am back in business! No internet meant no real blog posts. But I am back, friends. And, I cannot wait to share with you my newly rearranged home (but that will have to wait until tomorrow).

Due to the fact that the last movie I watched was "The Sound of Music", I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things in my house.
my pretty blue velvet chair with my even prettier pup, Wallace.
My favorite scent for the home, eucalyptus spearmint. One spritz and I feel like the whole house is clean, even if I have a mountain of laundry to climb (please note the witty Sound of Music pun...)
This is a sweet doodle on the walls of my chalkboard dining room. My friend drew it before miss Violet was born (her name was going to be Joss, but that was before the demerol took effect at the hospital).
I love my antique armchair that I reupholstered in Alexander Henry fabric. It was my attempt at having a chair that was reminiscent of the lovely chairs found at Anthropologie.
This picture of of Nathan and I on our wedding day. It is a quick snapshot of us during our first (and only) dance. We romped around the dance floor to Electric Light Orchestra's "Sweet Talking Woman". At the very end of the dance, Nathan stepped on my dress and ripped it (only slightly). It was the happiest day.
This is my new little office nook in the dining room. I have a cute little desk in between two large windows (yay natural light!). However, I really need a large piece of art to adorn this wall space. I need some suggestions!

Alright, you have now seen the sweetest parts of my happy little home. I cannot help but look at them and smile. 
What makes you the happiest about your home?