March 29, 2010

happy 100th post! free U.S. shipping at the gingiber store

I cannot believe it! this is my 100th Post! Let's celebrate by me naming 100 things that I love......


I would NEVER make you read all of that nonsense, because I really love strange things like broccoli and old lady shows like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman".

But, I do have a lot to be happy about! This has been the best month I have EVER had at my Gingiber Etsy Shop! I have not even hit 20 sales, but I am really pumped about building some momentum.

Sooooo I am offering free U.S. shipping on all purchases at my Gingiber Etsy Shop NOW until Sunday, April 4th 2010! 

So Please, if you have ever wanted to purchase some of my prints, take a look at this happy deal!
Alright, have a wonderful Monday Night!