February 19, 2013

No News Is No News

It hasn't been a secret that I have been feeling down. I shared about it last week. Sunday, however, I felt a slight reprieve from my persistent state of ennui. Nathan played outside with Violet for over an hour. And towards the end of the afternoon Lucy and I went into the backyard and played with them. Well, I just snapped some photos. 

I keep telling myself that this will be the last February for our family here in Arkansas. But, everyday that goes by without a campus invitation makes me second guess that. It is so hard, being on the other side of Nathan's education. He graduated. A job is supposed to be there. He has done everything right. Made the best out of so many terrible circumstances. Worked hard. Applied for the jobs. Had 1st round interviews. Now almost 6 weeks later still nothing. 

I have seen a few of my friends recently announce that they have received job offers, and they are moving across the country. I am genuinely happy for them. I have a lot to be thankful for. But I am ready for our ship to come in. I am ready to actually celebrate. Ready to plan. Standing still is probably the worst feeling on earth. I have to keep reminding myself that we are okay. 

Our family is healthy and my kids (as evident in these pleasant photos) are growing up and appear to be happy and in one piece. I am a planner. And without having something to look forward to, I feel like I am in a haze. 

So will you hope with me, that maybe this week we will get some good news? Or even bad news. Just some news at all.