February 17, 2013

Gingiber Tea Towels: Kitchen Accessory or Large Wall Art?

BRAND NEW: Gingiber Fox, Bear, and Barn Owl Tea Towels

I have been slowly plotting my plan to take Gingiber away from the "nursery decor" arena and approach the home wares niche. Personally, I am a sucker for tea towels. I love BIG beautiful towels with gorgeous illustrations. Sometimes I love a pretty towel so much I won't even use it (hint, my Dear Colleen tea towel is hanging on my office wall). 

I introduced 2 towel designs over the holidays (a Caribou & a Deer) and they were a HUGE hit! Especially at holiday shows. So now I feel brave enough to introduce these lovely towels.

I designed these with the idea in mind that they could also double as affordable large wall art. They are square (26 inches) and look really lovely when they are displayed.

I hope that you like them! I am very proud of these designs ;)