July 25, 2011

My Favorite Place to Sit

There is always a competition in the Bloomfield house: who gets to sit in the yellow chair after work. It is perfectly comfortable, as proven by the permanent butt indention in the cushion :)

Yes. This cozy chair is has single-handedly made us a less productive family, because once you sit in it, you never want to get up! Plus, from a decorating standpoint, it fills this awkward wall that leads to the hallway quite nicely! Yes, this chair has been loved, as seen by the seams bursting on the cushion and a few crayon stains from the little lady.

This space is always evolving in terms of decor. The chair stays, but everything around it has changed at least 3 times. This weekend I think I finally settled on an arrangement and color palette that I adore! I repainted the lamp a navy blue, made a quick pillow cover out of some on hand fabric, and framed a print from my absolute favorite American Mid Century painter, Fairfield Porter.

What is it about a cozy nook that makes a house feel more like home? Now if only I could find a little rug and round side table, my nook would be complete :)